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Speech & Hearing Science :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Department of Speech & Hearing Science
College of Applied Health Sciences

General Education Requirements

Students are advised to select their General Education course requirements from the University's approved list of courses and to work in close consultation with their academic advisor to ensure graduation requirements are addressed.

Graduation requirements info

  • Total minimum hours to satisfy General Education and Departmental requirements: 34–37 hours.
  • For course descriptions, see the course catalog.

Communication Skills

7–10 hours

  • One course in Composition I (RHET 105 or 108; SPCM 111 AND 112 is also an option)
  • One course in Advanced Writing/Composition II from approved list (must be taken at U of I)

Natural Sciences and Technology

6 hours

  • Two classes or six hours from the approved list required. Please consult your academic advisor for suggestions and the University's approved list for courses that will satisfy requirements.
  • (One course in human physiology and one course in physics of sound are strongly recommended.)
  • Students planning to pursue the Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology concentrations are advised to take one course in the Biological and one course in the Physical sciences to satisfy eventual ASHA certification requirements.

Quantitative Reasoning I

3 hours
One course in statistics from the approved list required:

  • STAT 100 Statistics
  • EPSY 280 Elements of Statistics
  • PSYC 235 Intro to Statistics
  • CHLH 244 Health Statistics

Quantitative Reasoning II

3 hours
One course from the approved list required.

Note: SHS 240 Introduction to Sound and Hearing Science (required core class in SHS) will satisfy this requirement.

Humanities and the Arts

6 hours
Minimum of two courses from approved list required.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

6 hours
Minimum of two courses from approved list required.

Cultural Studies

6 hours

  • One course in Western Cultures from approved list.
  • One course in Non-western/U.S. Minority Culture from approved list.

Other Requirements

Foreign Language

0–12 hours
May be satisfied if had three years of one language in high school OR completed the equivalent of three semesters of college level foreign language (through the intermediate level).

For Additional Information contact:

Kathi Ritten
Undergraduate Advisor
901 South Sixth Street
Champaign, IL. 61820
(217) 333-2230
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