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Speech & Hearing Science :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Department of Speech & Hearing Science
College of Applied Health Sciences

Current Studies

Study 1: Physiology of Stuttering – Ongoing studies into the nature of stuttering. These studies incorporate brain imaging, evoked potentials, movement control paradigms and altered auditory feedback studies.

Study 2: Subgroups of Developmental Stuttering – Together with colleagues, Dr. Nicoline Ambrose and Dr. Ehud Yairi, an ongoing assessment of the subgroup hypothesis in stuttering is being tested. Drs. Ambrose and Yairi are the principal investigators on this project.

Study 3: Effects of altered auditory feedback on movement control – We are conducting a series of studies on how altering auditory feedback affects movement control for speech and non-speech movements. Auditory feedback is the sound of our own voice that we use to monitor the pitch and loudness of our own voice. These studies are important for understanding how speech is produced and how new motor patterns are learned.

Study 4: Influence of auditory feedback on language learning – We are studying how auditory feedback influences learning of Mandarin Chinese. Learning Chinese involves requires that vocal fundamental frequency be altered in a novel and rapid manner on a syllable by syllable basis. We are studying how responses to auditory feedback (where F0 is varied) may predict Mandarin learning ability.

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